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Patient Information Leaflets

The following user-friendly printable information leaflets explain the symptoms and treatment for a range of mental illnesses.

To download or print a copy of these leaflets please click on the relevant topic. Otherwise go directly to the publications page of the Royal College of Psychiatrists for additional information.



 1.  Depression - main leaflet

 2.  Depression: Key Facts - a shorter leaflet

 3.  Depression: Carers - a leaflet for carers & professionals working with people with depression

 4.  Depression - a leaflet challenging our attitudes towards people with depression

 5.  Alcohol and Depression

 6.  Depression in Older Adults

 7.  Depression in People with Learning Disabilities

 8.  Men and Depression

 9.  Physical Illness and Mental Health

10. Postnatal Depression

11. Self-Harm - an informative leaflet for those who harm themselves, or think they might

12. Self-Harm: Key Facts - a shorter version

13. Cannabis and Mental Health - a look at the research into the effects of cannabis use

14. Smoking and mental health

15. Exercise and mental health


16. Antidepressants

17. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

18. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

19. Psychotherapy

20. Patients and antidepressants

Bipolar Disorder

21. Bipolar Disorder

22. Bipolar: Key Facts

23. Severe Mental Illness (psychosis)


24. Medications for Mania

Personality Disorder

25. Personality Disorder

26. Personality Disorder: Key Facts

27. Personality disorder and its treatment - an article challenging our attitude towards people with
       personality disorder and its treatment

28. Forensic psychiatric services - a leaflet for carers and professionals working with people in
       forensic psychiatric services


29. Schizophrenia

30. Schizophrenia: Key Facts

31. Debt and mental health

32. Depot Medication

33. Schizophrenia - a leaflet challenging our attitudes towards people with schizophrenia

Medication Information Sheets

The following Information Sheets regarding certain classes of Psychiatric medications aim to answer frequently asked questions and provide a starting point from which you can understand why you may have been prescribed certain medications.

If you have any questions about the fact sheets or the medications please ask the Doctors on your team. If you wish to have detailed information about the particular medication you are on then please visit the Irish Medicines Board or the European Medicines Agency websites where detailed information about all medications (Patient Information Leaflets) can be found. The Patient Information Leaflets contained on these websites have been approved by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency and the Irish Medicines Board.

The Information Sheets have been prepared by Dr. Thakore & Dr. Schubert from St. Vincent's Hospital Fairview. Dr. Thakore would like to express his gratitude for the time given by staff at the Irish Medicines Board who were consulted for advice during the preparation of the fact sheets.

Large (A4) Size

Antidepressants        Antipsychotics        Mood Stabilizers        Sedatives   

Leaflet (A5) Size

Antidepressants        Antipsychotics        Mood Stabilizers        Sedatives   

Mental Health Commission

Under the Mental Health Act 2001, the Mental Health Commission have published code of practices and rules for the guidance of persons working in the mental health services.

Please download a copy of these leaflets or otherwise go directly to the Service User Information page of the Mental Health Commission.

ECT - What you need to know about the Rules and Code of Practice on Electro Convulsive

Mechanical Restraint - What you need to know about the Rules on Mechanical Restraint       

Physical Restraint - What you need to know about the Rules on Physical Restraint      

Seclusion - What you need to know about the Rules on Seclusion